The Master: A Novel of the Sons of Destiny

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The third novel in the acclaimed Sons of Destiny series. Eight brothers, born in four sets of twins, two years apart to the day—they fulfill the curse of eight prophecy. To avoid tempting destiny, the brothers are exiled to Nightfall Island, where women are forbidden.

The Master (Sons of Destiny, #3) by Jean Johnson

But when the third-born brother is taken by a powerful and beautiful mage, he wonders if she is the Prophesied Disaster, his foretold wife-to-be. Kidnapped and taken captive by slavers, Dominor is sold to a lovely mage, who promises freedom. But Lady Serina has plans for him—to re-enact a mating ritual, to help reverse a Tantric spell cast centuries ago. Once the ritual is complete, he will be returned to Nightfall. But when that secret finally shatters, baring the truth behind the misunderstandings now separating them, Dominor is determined to retake possession of the woman who is his Destiny.

Jean Johnson is the national bestselling author of both military science fiction and fantasy romance, including various series, such as the Flame Sea novels, Theirs Not to Reason Why, Sons of Destiny, and Guardians of Destiny. I look forward to seeing how these alpha males find their soul mates in the remaining books.

It will be fun to see how the prophecy turns out for the rest of the brothers. Or you can come visit my website at www. Time passed strangely for Dominor of Nightfall. It came and went in muzzy bursts. He had vague, fleeting recollections of the things happening around him: wooden walls that creaked, the tang of the sea ever in his nostrils, voices muttering around him, hands forcing him to get up and walk around when he was too dizzy.

And he had memories of eating that herbed food until the world swirled away once more. He remembered a familiar voice, its source strangely distant yet right there in his ear, desperate to reach him. He was aware of the omnipresent chafe of chains at ankles, wrists, and throat, of a faint memory that he had once worn fine, tailored clothes, not the rough fabric rubbing against his flesh.

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And then it happened. The world rocked even more dizzily underneath Dom as he lay chained to his bed; his surroundings swayed and creaked dismally, slanting first this way, then that way at unnerving angles, while his mind slowly woke. The cloud obscuring his senses eased enough that he could hear the shouts and the snapping riggings, smell the rain and the sea, and the captive mage knew he was on board a ship on the ocean.

Dominor remembered the Mandarites and their falomel -laced food. He remembered the oddly dressed, arrogantly opinioned Lord and his two duplicitous sons. And he remembered that he was captive on a ship that, from the sound and feel and smell of it, was caught in a bad summer storm, one that seemed to go on and on. Long enough that the last of the mage-confusing drug wore off.

As the minutes turned into hours, Dominor became increasingly, uncomfortably aware of how filthy he was, how hungry and thirsty, and most of all how angry he was. When Dominor realized that, when his head was clear enough to think, he tested the chains keeping him bound more or less in place on his thin-palleted bunk while the ship surged with each hill-like wave.

The chains were padlocked to thick iron staples set too firmly in the bulkhead walls for him to dislodge physically in his drug-weakened state. He tried a simple unlocking spell next, but the energy just glowed briefly for a moment, then sank into the manacles clamped at neck, hands, and feet. He tried a more complex spell, one that lit up the small cabin he was in, showing the walls, sea-damp from water seeping through the decks because of the storm. Symbols on the stout, silvered metal simply absorbed it. As they did so, the metal clamped around his wrists, ankles, and throat warmed briefly.

They were absorbing his energies. If he threw all of his power at them, they might overload and break. Or, if they were forged with the right sort of enchantments, they could latch onto his powers and drain him to a lifeless husk. Then again, so was the possibility of starving to death.

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Or rather, dying of thirst. That would happen first. His mouth felt like it had been scrubbed with sand, then powdered with dust. It was too salty to drink, of course, but it was a form of water, and he wanted water. Preferably without any mind-and-power stealing falomel in it.

It was a slim hope, but not an impossible one. Not too quickly, of course , he reminded himself. His mind was finally clear enough to have the room for cunning, for plotting and laying out his strategies. But if I ask the right questions, I can steer the conversation toward the idea of converting-the-prisoner.

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His mouth twisted wryly. Kelly of Doyle, the woman his eldest brother had married, had made that outrageous claim. The redheaded outworlder had proclaimed herself Queen of Nightfall, the island where he and his seven brothers had lived for three years after being exiled from their homeland, Katan. Her arrival and subsequent romance with his eldest brother, Saber, had fulfilled a prophecy spoken in verse by a woman born a thousand years before. The Seer Draganna had predicted the birth of four sets of twins, all of them mages, all of them with unique Destinies.

One of those Prophetic Destinies had been the warning that some unspecified disaster would occur if the eldest ever bedded a virgin. He had hauled in a woman from another universe entirely to argue with, be courted by, and eventually marry the eldest of them. Even if it meant summoning the Disaster foreseen for them so very long ago. And the Prophesied Disaster turns out to be the very same misogynistic idiots who have managed to capture me. At least, I hope my presence on this ship was the only Disaster that befell us when Saber married Kelly.

That hurt Su Xuan Yi. A blood trickled down the corners of his mouth and fell on the purple wooden sword. He had nourished that sword for countless years and was prepared to give it to him as a gift, a present that symbolized his apology. It was similar to the sword Su Ming played with, when he was young. Meanwhile, many guests from other three Great True Worlds arrived at the ceremony. Su Ming came to the place of ceremony with bloodthirstiness in his crazed gaze. When Su Ming saw Yu Xuan, he remembered their last moments.

The third prince noticed Yu Xuan expression and he grabbed her by the neck. When Su Ming saw that, his madness flashed and a sea of fire erupted from him.

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As he rushed at the third prince, one thousand Abyss Dragons charged at him, which where shredded to pieces. Su Ming didn't care about anything than helping Yu Xuan. With steadfastness, he manifested power of Mastery Realm. Su Ming's moon crumbled and a gigantic, peerless sun was formed. He gained an epiphany of true power, the true Great Dao. His sun started to melt and the presence of those belonging to Mastery Realm radiated off him. Even four-fingered palm was unable to destroy prince's protective screen of light with the Aura of Abyss.

Su Ming had problems manifesting fifth finger. After he injected a lot of God Ascension Nectar, his body was breaking apart, but he managed to manifest fifth finger. Ling Hai felt great admiration.

Reverend Zi Long was in disbelief. Old You and Ming had complicated emotions. As Relocation Rune was activated and the third prince and Yu Xuan were about to relocate, the screen of light broke.

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Su Ming yanked the third prince back, and as he was about to grab Yu Xuan, a familiar power descended between them. Yu Xuan disappeared. Su Ming only laugh brokenly. Another Su Ming's personality formed. His hair and eyes turned black. But Su Ming brutally killed the third prince. Then Su Ming clashed with old You and Ming. He made the fifth kiln appear and let out all powerful beings from inside. Spectating cultivators were in shocked, that such powerful beings bowed to Su Ming. Then Su Ming wanted to go to Dao Chen's isolation grounds to confront his father, Sang appeared and took him there.

Su Ming recognized Sang's tone as his Elder's. Su Ming radiated the black, dead stillness and the vast resentment, his presence darkened the world. Su Xuan Yi explained him what he was doing all that time. They argued about home and kin. Su Ming wanted Su Xuan Yi to not use him and his friends anymore.