The Journey of an American Boomer: An Historical Novel

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She shared her stories with all of us and that became her legacy, a treasure chest filled with wisdom that was her gift to all of us kids who listened, ate her food and laughed at her jokes. She came from an exclusive generation: a generation that has been chronicled, written about, movies made, beloved family photos held dear with home videos and audios in our personal archives.

We were never slackers

How did we do that? Write it out.

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  2. The Way You Love Me.

Do a video. Record it.


But tell it. This is not a judgment on what kind of Jew you are. Did you marry someone of another religion and let your faith go by the wayside or did you want more Judaism? As a teen, did hanging out with your Jewish friends create bonds and fun times you still hold dear?

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Were holiday gatherings fun or not? Please let these questions trigger memories and thoughts that bring recollections to today that will help you decide why you are, or not, involved in Judaism as a senior adult. And know that one does not have to participate in Jewish activities to behold your Jewish heritage.

I am fairly confident that hundreds of years from now The Greatest Generation will be remembered but the rest of us will be footnotes.

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  • The first time I felt any friction between generations was when I was asked to pick a movie for the family to see together and I chose Pulp Fiction. I loved it. My dad was a Depression-era kid, the son of a Baptist preacher.

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    My mom was born in El Paso during the war. Her uncles would fight in both Europe and the Pacific. My dad served in post-war Korea.

    I was raised to loathe hippies which, in retrospect, may have been a little harsh. Those kids always complain the loudest. At the same time, however, I was being taught that the anti-war protests of the late s were uniquely noble acts of civil disobedience.

    I remember a public high school history teacher who loved to mention he had gone to Woodstock. I was not raised by Boomers but I live in their world. I have spent my life watching them pat themselves on the back with one hand while stealing from the cookie jar with the other. No one should have to suffer the way that generation did.

    But they did and, afterward, dreamed of a world without war. A free world where, finally, marginalized people could fight for rights that should always have been theirs. A safe and equitable world that is clear-eyed about the future. The Boomers should spend their final years trying to make that dream come true.

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    How Boomers Ruined American Judaism

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    Thanks to his teachers, Mike Phegley developed a love for history many years ago.