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    Explore Now. Significant innovation in coding for letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols form the basis of this simple, easy-to-learn code. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Tactile Morse Code 3. Anonymous More than 1 year ago It is definitely a workable alternate for Braille, and it's pretty clear that the author has spent a lot of time working out the kinks.

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    • However, Braille was invented long before Morse code, so the widespread use of T-Morse will take a bit of doing, just because so many people are so used to Braille. The percentage of literate blind people may be small, but that's still a lot of people to convince.

      Glad people still use their brains in this day and age!

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      Anonymous More than 1 year ago I thought that it was a good book. Yet, nearly 3. Closer home, in India, about half a million people suffer from deafblindness, states the Rehabilitation Council of India. There is Braille, of course, which aids one-way communication with the visually impaired.

      Tactile taps teach rhythmic text entry: passive haptic learning of morse code

      The only other mode of interpersonal communication is pro-tactile sign language , which requires physical contact with a person who can interpret the signs. For the hearing impaired, there are audio aids. But, despite the advancement in technology, there are not many two-way, self-supported, fully-interactive tools for the deaf-blind. The app, conceptualised and developed by Cheil WW India, a leading advertising agency, is a first-of-its-kind offering that enables two-way communication among the deaf-blind through a simple smartphone.

      Tactile taps teach rhythmic text entry

      Good Vibes has no visible UI and works on a set of simple hand gestures and taps on an all-black screen. Users can begin by having someone create an account on their behalf. After that, they have to simply shake the handset to wake up the app and flip the phone to send across a message.