Our Spiritual Battlefield

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What Does the Bible Say About Spiritual Battle?

This key portion of scripture explains the inner workings of an intense battle between two co-existing, diametrically opposed forces; the inevitable outcome of the second birth. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin. He has a sincere desire to please God yet he finds it impossible to do so in the power of his flesh. No matter how hard he tries he inevitably fails: his self-will and determination are wholly insufficient.

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Humbly acknowledging our inability is the key to subduing the old nature; ironically the battle is won by surrender. Walking in the flesh is to be controlled by our carnal appetites, ruled by our circumstances. Two contrary reservoirs of influence which shape and determine thought life; one inherited from Adam the other implanted by God upon salvation; two hearts, two minds resulting in two opposing wills. The necessity of comprehending both the source and nature of the two diametrically opposed forces responsible for the incessant inner struggle is of paramount importance.

We Are In A Spiritual Battle (Whether We Like It Or Not)

The way we live is closely related to our inner state. It is important on many levels to understand how the inner man shapes the outer man. The following illustration depicts the heart of the problem; the two fountains responsible for our thought life. The illustration should help us to understand the origin of the inner struggle and reality of the following verses:. A wound in this critical region was almost always fatal. Notice the warlike terminology used by the Holy Spirit in these highly instructive verses; war, weapons, warfare, casting down , and captivity.

Consider the three main spheres of influence strongholds, imaginations, and thoughts detailed in the above verses concerning the spiritual battle for the mind:.

Consider 1 Chron. Imaginations: The ability to form a mental image of something not actually present to the physical senses…mind pictures.

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Every word, every action, begins as a thought. Our thoughts can sway the whole inner being in one direction or another; they are an accurate reflection of who we really are. There are two types of wisdom in the world. One is born of Light the other of darkness ; one is from above the other from below. The new man is animated by the wisdom from above; the old man by the wisdom from that is from below.

Spiritual growth depends on discernment and choice. The first challenge is to discern between the two types of wisdom. The second challenge is to choose between the two. Thoughts, like most everything else in life, are a matter of choice. As we progress on this way we are made more and more alive in our spirit, and this is an eternal spirit that leads to everlasting life.

When we give in to temptation and allow Satan and sin into our lives, then our spirit is contaminated, and that eternal connection with the Father and the Son is snuffed out. Ephesians Giving in to sin is an eternal loss; it is far more than merely a momentary lapse. That moment cannot be relived; the possibility to partake of some of the virtues offered in that moment cannot be regained. And if we continue to give in to sin, to live in it, it leads to death. James This is not just a physical death. We all die physically, but those who have been made alive in their spirit go to be with their Saviour.

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  5. Those whose spirits have severed their connection with God and been infected with sin will spend the rest of eternity with an unfulfillable craving for a connection with God and His goodness. This is spiritual death, the wages of sin. Romans It is the worst possible scenario! That is why sin is such a huge enemy. But here and now, while we live on this earth, we have the opportunity to battle against that.

    To give Satan a blow every time we are tempted. There is absolutely no doubt that each temptation will be a victory when God is on our side. He has all power in heaven and on earth, and He is able to give us everything we need to overcome the enemy. The blessing that we receive for faithfully fighting for Him is not something that we can even begin to imagine with our human minds. Used by permission. All rights reserved. All those who follow the exhortation of the book of Hebrews can attain to this great salvation.

    Our time in the flesh can be compared to a journey through a minefield.

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