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Spideyman Uber Member. Jul 10, 44, , 75 Just north of Duma Key.

This was not the thread to open first thing in the morning before coffee!! Out of Order Wooly Bully. Feb 9, 27, , New Hampster. Can't see the pic, I guess that is a good thing Reactions: Kurben , Chuggs , Sigmund and 8 others. Jul 10, 12, 45, Indiana, USA. I thought this was a thread for the big booper.

I wanna see!! Out of Order said:. Thanks, Flake. This gives me an idea It's only a matter of deciding what color. Any suggestions? Reactions: Kurben , Demeter , Sigmund and 8 others. FlakeNoir said:. You're going to dye your Reactions: Chuggs , Demeter , Sigmund and 9 others. Not until Easter. I'm thinking of something else, don't ya know? Fuchsia might be good. Would eliminate the need for a bathroom light Reactions: Chuggs , arista , Sigmund and 5 others. The box had that just-arrived-from-customs smell, since this shipment was very new I love that smell! Anyway, without further ado Oct 4, 3, Posts.

I'm here. I'm here! Here they are! My Chantilly lace Fifis! Dec 7, 13, Posts. I die!!! They are TDF! Mar 27, 2, Posts GeEk. CL does lace so beautifully!

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Feb 26, 1, Posts. Modeling pics please! We live in a constitutional republic where the duly elected representatives do not even fake doing what they said they would do if elected. They pass laws that are unconstitutional even though they swore to uphold the constitution when they took office, The same goes for the Supreme Court. It responds to politics instead of what they swore to upon taking seat. Good luck in turning such a corrupt system around. I am a realist and believe this country is no longer the great country it once was.

We have over 16 trillion in debts and that doesn't include the rest of the fiscal guaranties. Such debt is totally the responsibility of Washington not the people. I agree with you that there is no turning back and I must live out the rest of my life trying to cope with the crap I expect is coming down the pike. That said I don't have to like it and at my advanced age I no longer have the energy or the time to try to change it..

Jerry Lee Lewis - Chantilly Lace

How do you think the latest fiasco in Washington will work out? I don't mean the unaffordable care act. I mean the open borders act presently acting out in Washington by our representatives? By the way I live in California another cesspool led by the illogical.

Breed report

Note I did not say anything about our great free press which is beyond discussing. Well, you're preaching to the choir about all that. Now that we've had a few generations of Americans transform their popular culture into a zoo containing overly large hyena, chimpanzee and white turkey habitats, a high percentage of the county's population is incapable of understanding the Constitution and the value of it, not to mention that they have no grasp of perspective or logic Ah, but I digress.

They' are exactly who are behind putting all those politicians into Washington, and who fail to do anything about it when those Presidents, Congressmen, Senators and Justices get out of line. What I've been talking about here is how the young Americans who I meet are anything but the problem. As a group, they are an impressive segment of our society. I hope that the ratio of mindless, self-impressed, over-entertained, frothing-mouthed mental deficients to intelligent, caring, invested, responsible citizens will diminish rapidly as time goes forward.

Judging by the quality of mind that I see in our young people, compared to that of much of the previous couple of generations, I have some hope that such will be the case. What do you find foul or barbed? Making "light" of this subject is just lame.

Welcome to Etsy!

I have no sour belly about it at all. I'm just tired of hearing stupid comments from people lamenting imagined characteristics of today's youth. Such comments say more about their own lack of awareness and understanding than they do about today's youth. In any case, no, I'm not a former contributor here at all. I normally wouldn't have time to spend doing something like this. I just happened to have taken the day off today, and happened across this posting.

Why do you want to turn attention away from the simple points that I'm trying to make? Sure, Robert Ringer didn't set out to aggressively malign the youth of America. He only wanted to make his typically fluffy and simplistic comments that would be comfortably received by his audience of people who are comforted by fluffy and simplistic comments. And I only wanted to point out aspects of them that could produce unintended negative consequences. I wish that this were more like a coffee house, where we could get together whenever we wanted to, and have conversations like this.

It's great that Internet-based mechanisms allows people who would otherwise have never met, to have interactions. But I'd like being able to strike up acquaintances with people who I "meet" doing this. I suspect that you and I have a lot in common in regards to what we see as being valuable and worth promoting in culture. The problem is that nobody in his right mind would want to post his e-mail address or any other thing about his identity in a forum like this. Phil Thank you for the remote psycoanalysis.

After all these years I sorely needed that. I assume you must be board certified. In my previous comments I don't believe ever indicated anything negative against you personally,but I will now. I would never consider trading email addresses with you. I do not and have never willingly accepted persons with the attitude I perceive in you into my circle of friends. Incidentally I have admired Robert Ringers work for many years and would never go out of my way to pick at it as you have.

Right on Bill. Something in the air now days about some people taking themselves way too seriously. They should write bestsellers as Mr. Ringer has. Nough' said,. What psychoanalysis are you referring to? I didn't mean to direct negative things to you personally, either, although rereading some of my comments, I can see how you might have taken them that way.

Sorry about that. My irritation at some of these issues sometimes causes me to get carried away.

In any case, I'm not asking you to trade e-mail addresses. I just wanted to say that if we were speaking in-person, I'll bet that we'd be on the same wavelength. I get the impression from you that you have your head on straight. And I suspect that if you could read my tone, facial expression, etc. Pardon me for not making a better effort to get that across. That aside, I'm not here to pick at Robert Ringer's points. I'm just pointing out that his comments can be taken quite differently from the ways that he most likely intends them to be taken.

It's interesting to me how people here seem to want to treat this comment section as some kind of holy Robert Ringer sanctuary, where no opinions that differ from his should be tolerated. I think it's a sign of my 60's and 70's dirty mind, but I've heard this song millions of times on the oldies stations, and I always hear "dirty" meaning in this song. Even the name "The Big Bopper" brings to mind the male organ.

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