Burning Bright

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In the past years, Sudbury, one of the smallest clubs in Ontario, has successfully raised more money than any other synchro club in the province. The event consists of synchro athletes relaying a lit candle across the Laurentian University Pool for an hour. This year will be the club's 15th Burning Bright event and we hope to make it the biggest.

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Athletes can download the donation pledge form by clicking here. In order to raise more funds, various activities have been planned. Sharing personal information brings people closer together.

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But the message you chose, the one you still promote, is of peace and love. In a way, yes. But I also feel that every day is a good day, but I can drag it down.

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But sometimes, things don't work out. Sometimes something happens and your plan gets changed. Okay, so get the next one! Where does that instinct come from? I think you get it by living life.

Burning Bright

And [people like psychedelic drug proponent] Timothy Leary.. I never heard about it, never knew about it. I was really emotional when Jack Douglas, the producer who produced John, mentioned it to me. But I thought that it was a beautiful song. I decided I was going to do it and thought it was really important. How did Paul get involved?

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