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Just a few months ago, Tesla was losing money, struggling to raise capital and falling behind on sales. What turned things around?

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Aggressive cost-cutting measures like closing stores , streamlining its operations and opening a factory in China to manufacture its forthcoming Model Y vehicle. The shared office company, which has been hemorrhaging money since its botched attempt to go public earlier this year, is getting a bailout in the form of a multibillion-dollar takeover by SoftBank, its largest outside investor.

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The deal would infuse the business with much-needed cash and oust its co-founder and former chief executive, Adam Neumann, whose bombastic leadership style is widely blamed for driving the company into the ground. Neumann, who will stay on a consultant and could walk away with a billion dollars.

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That was more than two years before two of those jets crashed, killing people. Muilenburg, who was recently stripped of his chairman title, is faced with the undesirable task of explaining why Boeing previously said that it had no idea there was anything wrong with the aircraft. Follow us:. Angela Delmedico Elev8 Consulting Group. Jessica Baker Aligned Signs.

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There's No Interest "When you aren't able to target a certain type of audience, you know your business will likely be unsuccessful. They Don't Explain Their Reasoning "Every company is different, but I have generally found that folks who rely on faulty business practices share a number of common traits.

They Make Late Payments "We have traditionally been very careful regarding the clients we choose to work with. Ajmal Saleem Suprex Learning.

They're Picky "Pickiness is probably the strongest warning sign of a bad business deal. Arry Yu Emotiv Labs, Inc. It also sets the stage for taking off the blinders and facing our flaws.

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Remember Watergate? We are extremely sorry for the frustration this has caused our customers and we are doing everything we can to make Maps better. For example, one financial services company had to cut their workforce by 20 percent to make up for the loss of business after a product failure.

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  • Ultimately, the company was spurred to improve several processes and systems that created a leaner, stronger operation. So, once you have identified a solution, the next step is to communicate your plan of action. Consider, what will you stop, start or keep doing to transform the situation? People are prone to be more understanding when they see you have carefully considered a viable remedy to the situation. This step reinforces the message that no matter what has happened, your business remains unchanged in the areas that matter most.

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    For example, Gravity Payments communicated to customers that service would remain stellar, without increased fees to cover higher employee salaries, to lure back or keep several clients. A more recent, and excellent, example of communication that hits all four Rs: The extremely clear, direct apology issued by Michael Horn , head of the Volkswagen Group of America, after the company was caught cheating on emissions tests.

    We have to make things right with the government, the public, our customers, our employees … We are committed to do what must be done and to begin to restore your trust.

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    Remember, we all make mistakes.